Statistics and Dynamics

Professional Photos Help Homes Sell Faster.

Why does one property get more views over another? A lot has to do with how the property is marketed. The internet shopper is traveling at lightspeed browsing over listing after listing. They put in the data of the type of property they want and then the results page is where you hve to get them. That insta second where they glance down the page. If you’re the seller and your photos don’t stand out then you don’t get clicked on. A recent study showed that 92% of initial reaction was based on how enticing the first photo looked in the search results when shown 25 properties at once.

Slowing the Internet Shopper​

Studies Prove It!

You can pour over google analytics and other site analysis tools and what they will tell you is that vivid pictures and video with something engaging in the first 3 seconds will stop them and take a closer look at what you are presenting. Think back to recent searches YOU did. It wasn’t the text at sentence 3 that got you to look more, it was a vivid photo or a video with a great cinematic effect and a catchphrase in the first few seconds.

The days of taking a photo with your camera are over. You won’t capture the angle a professional’s eye will get, you don’t know how to enhance the photos just right to get them to look 10 times better than your camera could and these days your competitors have figured it out. Professional photography gets more view, more likes, more shares, more time on page and a host of other things important to get the majority of viewers.

3D VR Walkthrough Real Estate Photgraphy
HDSLR Photography Definition that captivates and converts

HDSLR Photography

Definition That Captivates and Converts

Professional photography is part equipment, part photographers’s eye and experience in staging. The lighting in the room, the outside light , positioning of what is in the room are just a few things that when put together gives the room or venue a remarkable look that you can’t get without practice and experience.

Potential buyers and business shoppers are subconsciously attracted to better presentations. They slow down and admire more. This gets them clicking on more and as they view the other information about the property gets seen too. After a few photos they have collected more information than 10 other properties that had average photos that had the viewer just moving on and not evaluating.


Giving Perspective of Lifestyle

Aerial photos and video give the viewer more perspective about the property or venue. Close to community features, where things are situated nearby, etc. This adds value when the property has positive things that an aerial view can present.

Studies show 78% of potential homebuyers want to see what is around the property and wish more homes had them.

Twilight Photography

Tells a Story and Attracts Viewers

Can you believe the twilight isn’t real? Its the enhancement of the photo in a way that makes it look its best. It’s used in most commercials, movies and business promotional advertising. However 85% of people that bought homes said they like it and were attracted to homes that had them in the photo gallery.