Expand Your Audience

More views, more likes, more shares & more clients

The property just listed and you can’t make the open house. You can and you see it but your significant other cant make it or is out of town. One of you is here and the other is deployed or across the country. This technology gives you an edge because you feel it just like you are there.

Experience it like you are there!

Share with loved ones around the world

More and more people are buying properties without going into them. They are booking more venues without physically seeing them. 40% of home buyers placed an offer before stepping into the property because they first used virtual reality to “feel” it.

Condo Marketing Elevated

Get into hard to list condo buildings by offering this type of marketing. Condo owners prefer the screening this provides and gets them offers without having people coming in and out to look. Then when the property sells YOU have a hook in the water for those wanting to buy there and sellers hearing how smooth it was from the previous owners testimonial we help you get. Soon YOU are the premier agent for that building with many models to showcase and get a paged ranked on google for.

Chiropractic | Dental | Medical Office

So viral!

Kids & adults have fear of going to the doctor. Providing a virtual experience eliminates most of the anxiety they have. They take control of the situation by allowing them to tour with keyboard and mouse. In no time at all this control of the tour gives them feeling of control over their visit and when they show up and what they see in real life matches the hours they spent on the computer their tension and apprehension drops.

The viral affect? Parents are a very viral group when it comes to their children and loved ones. They rally when a wrong needs to be corrected in the community and they praise those businesses that show they can identify with doctor visit anxiety and offers an innovative way to help. Then there is the fact its a very social media technology that they can easily and quickly spread to all their friends and family.

Constuction Sites

More Than You Imagine

Did you know our work comes with measurements as accurate as NASA?

Our work comes with measurements for each area. On top of that this gives your project full accountability for phase funding or remote partners followup so all sees how the project is progressing. If things are questioned after the fact YOU have proof of how things progressed every step of the way. Architects? no more having to go an measure. Investors? you get full accountability before you release next phase funding. These are just some of the things we give that other media can’t. Reach out to find out all we do with construction projects.

Commercial Real Estate

From Office Spaces to Venues

Eliminate Office space vacancy. Show prospective leasing clients places before the lease is up. Trouble tenants? The place is rented without fuss. Have decision maker out of the area? This puts them in the unit as if they were there. More and more businesses are committing to property without physically experiencing it. Get your vacancy rate down to zero easily with this technology.

Venues get a 35% increase in reservations when they have this technology. Spas, restaurants, pubs, cafes and other venues are able to give prospective clients a sneak peek and that pushes them over to booking your place. They don’t have to take a review’s hype, they get to see it and feel it as if they were there.

Residential Real Estate

NAR, Redfin, Zillow & Realtor Can’t Be Wrong

If this was 2013 we could understand why you didn’t jump on this. It was new and few people were using it. Now you are behind as this is now mainstream as all the big players in the real estate industry are using it and soon it will be the standard not the option. At the same time only 23% of all agents so you can still get an edge in becoming your area’s premier marketing real estate agent.

“It seems expensive” …really? it’s actually cheaper while bringing more deals during the life of the scan. You can use it after the sale to go after buyers and sellers in a lucrative area that is hard to get into (gated community or condo building). We show you how to use these to rank page one on google so you farm smart using a technology most agents don’t grasp its full viral potential.

Open houses you have your 3D Virtual tour along side you and as they leave you show them how they can take your home with them and compare room to room. Then you give them your open house chat bot link and they are not only seeing the listing website with 3D virtual tour, aerial, video and HDR photographs …the bot follows up through their messenger to see how their shopping went, answer questions about the property and stays in touch during their shopping. With the usual 38% retention rate YOUR property is seen and shared more while the others they saw that day gets forgotten. Above all YOU are remembered for your unique way of marketing. We have found that this gets the buyers gravitating to the seller’s agent even if the property at the open house wasn’t to their liking.

These are just some of the things we do that no one in the area does to get your homes sold faster and for more and gets you more sellers.


Eliminate Objections & Anxiety

Schools, museums, event facilities and other places where families send their kids to are drawn to using this technology when evaluating where they will be sending their kids to.

With “mattertags” we can embed brochures, videos, floorplans and other rich media that gives them an experience they can’t get any other way (even if they visited and took a tour). This adds tremendous value and helps sway those on the fence because of the intrinsic value it gives when trying to evaluate the pros and cons. With a retention rate of 38% of what they experienced this presentation stays with them day after day, after week and until they are in your place.